Your recovery from surgery should be as quick and comfortable as possible. The postoperative care of the patients is fundamental for the success of a surgery

Allows our patients to return to normal non-strenuous activities in as little as 48 – 72 hours and to significantly reduce, and in some cases totally, the need for strong analgesic medications.

We performed a multi-method approach both before and after the surgery; We will tell you the exercises-movements of your limbs that you should do in your room to decrease inflammation and muscle tightness, thus accelerating its earlier recovery and performing a manual lymphatic drainage to the 6 days after the surgery to favor the elimination of edema

Our treatments consist of

Lymphatic Drainage

It consists of favoring the drainage of the lymphatic system by means of gentle and repetitive massage maneuvers along the lymphatic drainage channels, in order to drain-displacing the lymph that is stagnant (edema) after its surgery and favoring the desinflamación Of the tissues.


This technique is based on the treatment of bodily injury through movement and is both preventive and curative. Its fundamental benefit is to prevent-eliminate possible adhesions by poor and excessive healing, and avoid contractions-muscle strains.


These waves are effective in causing in your organism beneficial physiological effects (fibrolytic, thermal and vasodilator action).

Masotherapy (massages)

is the use of different massage techniques for therapeutic purposes (circulatory massage, drainage massage, aesthetic massage, descontracturante massage …).

Myofascial induction

Techniques of muscle relaxation by the movement of the muscle fascia, thus releasing the restrictions caused by surgery and restoring muscle balance.


Consists of emitting pressure waves of different magnitudes to favor lymphatic and venous drainage

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